How a Tiny Home Can Change Your Lifestyle

When you move into a new area or home, your lifestyle eventually changes, partly because you may want to fit in. The same thing happens when you switch from living in a traditional house to a tiny home. They may be small, but their impact on a person’s lifestyle can be significant.

The transition is often smooth, but it can be difficult as well. The adjusting phase can take long or short. It all depends on what you were accustomed to.

Every tiny house dweller or owner has a unique motivation. For some, they want to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Meanwhile, others simply want to live a minimalist life and even contribute to sustainability on the planet.

No matter what your reason for downsizing may be, one thing is for sure. You have to be ready for the changes that will come to your life and how you live it. Whether you are living alone, with your partner, or a family, tiny houses can be suitable for the kind of lifestyle you choose.

a tiny home in a woodland setting

Being Close to Nature

Many Australian couples are passionate about living in a tiny home. It is a phenomenon that has swept the whole nation, as well as other parts of the world. Older people, in particular, want to live in a smaller home while enjoying their surroundings.

Every nature lover will not have any regrets with a tiny home lifestyle. Even when your property is only about 28 square metres, you will have everything you need. Contrary to what some people think, you can still have the things you want, despite the small space. It all depends on how you plan your space, as well as your possessions.

Tiny homes are eco-friendly as well as your environmental footprint changes when you downsize. It is an important change to ponder on. The larger your home, the more ecological footprint you generate. This metric is a calculation of the demand of humans on nature to allow them to sustain their consumption behaviour.

When you move to a tiny home, it is not only this particular housing that helps reduce your ecological footprints. In reality, numerous primary components of your lifestyle will change. From the food you eat to transportation expenses, how you consume these needs will be positively influenced.

Downsizing and living in an area where you can see the beauty of your surroundings can enhance your compassion to nature. It will also become easier to adopt eating habits that are more environmentally conscious.

Countryside Living

Perhaps you have heard about the benefits of living in the countryside. There is less stress, and you mostly do not have to worry about annoying neighbours. Even if you have some neighbours, you will belong to a small community of like-minded people.

When you downsize and move to the countryside, you can enjoy several gains, and most of them are associated with your health:

  • The air is cleaner, which means air pollution is almost unnoticeable.
  • There is less traffic as well, which also lessens the excretion of hazardous gases in the air.
  • You have more opportunities to go out and jog or exercise because there is a smaller population in the area.
  • You also enjoy being surrounded by greenery.

Studies have shown that those who live in the countryside have a longer life than those who live in the city. People are more prone to diseases, including heart issues when they are in a busy place. The congested roads are among the top contributors of bad heart health. They also quickly deteriorate the lungs.

Scientific research demonstrated that the closer you live to the main roads, the worse it gets. While it is more convenient because of accessibility, your health can be on the line, which is not an exchange anyone would want.

Living in the countryside does not automatically mean you are close to nature. However, it guarantees that you will be away from the noise of factories and busy people.

City Living

The opposite of countryside living and being close to nature is to be in the city. You can stay in the city even when you live in a tiny house. It is beneficial for those who have jobs that they do not want to give up, yet they do not want to pass up on the opportunity that tiny houses present.

As you may already know, living in a tiny home is much less expensive than being in a traditional house. Being in the city is not entirely cheap, which is why some people move to a smaller home, so they can save money.

Tiny homes are more common in quieter areas. However, contrary to what many people think, they are becoming more popular in major cities as well. With more singles out there, living small is an excellent option. Motor homes were in demand, but tiny houses entered the picture. A row of tiny homes can even be seen in some cities in the UK, the US, and Australia.

countryside tiny home

Living Close to the Beach

When we think of Hawaii, we picture beaches and surfing. A family of three live in the US state and has traded their conventional house for a tiny home. The decision to live in a smaller house was not easy to make, but they are glad they finally settled on it.

Ever since moving, the couple no longer had problems with housing costs. They saved some money, which would have gone to their mortgage should they stayed on a traditional home. Hawaii is an expensive state to live in, and many residents end up in huge debt for the rest of their lives because of their mortgage payments.

Aside from saving money, the family lives near their favourite beach. They can also move to another place where they can stay close to the waters. If you love surfing or just the beauty of watching the waves crashing, a tiny home will give you the freedom that you have been looking for.

Travelling on Wheels

Speaking of freedom, living in a tiny home gives you the chance to see different places without worrying about what to bring.

Couples often prefer a stationary cabin that can be designed in any way you want. The small home can be on wheels as well, which means it is towable. You can travel to where you wish to go to the country, which is a feature that many people find appealing.

It is indeed an undeniable benefit where you can simply hitch the small house to your truck, and you can take it with you to a new location. It sounds convenient, and it truly is! You can move to a new piece of land without having to pack your belongings and hire a moving truck. After all, you have your vehicle, and your house is linked to it. There are no suitcases required.

You can also go on a vacation to see another place. Of course, your tiny home can be different in design, but it can be built in a way that lets you live independently. For instance, you can have it equipped with solar panels, so you can live off the grid. You do not have to worry about monthly power bills.

Also, you can park your house anywhere you want if it is connected to your truck. Meanwhile, if your tiny home is built like a traditional house, it will need water and power hook-ups. It should not be a problem because you can find mobile home parking areas in many parts of the country.

Additionally, you have the option to move to another place without any issues. Some conditions and regulations are in place when it comes to relocation. However, moving is so much easier when you live in a tiny home.

Unlike a traditional house, tiny homes are not permanently set on land. You have a movable structure that you do not even have to invest a lot in. The impermanence is a great benefit, especially for those who have the potential to get a new job in another city or state.

tiny home designed to minimalist lifestyle

Minimalist Lifestyle

Imagine your monthly expenses near-null. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? When you live a simple life, you are bound to spend less, especially on worldly possessions.

Several people have seen the benefits of living in a tiny home. If you have always had an issue with your savings, it could be because of your expenses. When some homeowners switched to a more minimalist lifestyle, they ended up with more savings in just a few months.

For instance, a blogger claims she is now debt-free, thanks to her simpler and more manageable lifestyle. You can see the tiny home on her Instagram account is less than 16 square metres, which she built from scratch.

She did not have as many resources as other people. The planning process was mostly trial and error. However, trading her traditional home to a tiny one is something that she will not regret. The financial freedom she gained was certainly worth all the hard work she put into it.

Living in a tiny house is a great change whether you are an outgoing person or you want to stay away from busy highways. No matter what your lifestyle, you can find a reason why tiny homes are much better than living in a conventional house.

If you think that a tiny home can change your lifestyle for the better, the team at Fox Tiny Homes can help you find the perfect design for your requirements.