Tiny houses/homes are one of the largest growing subsections of the building industry. Not only are they (quite literally) popping up all over the world, but they are also the subject of international television programming – and groups or associations of tiny home owners are common. A prime example of this is the Australian Tiny House Association.

This keen interest in ‘little’ homes may leave you wanting more information about the move towards this growing way of life. Here are some insights into the tiny house movement.


While the industry does not have rules set in stone regarding the dimensions of tiny homes, generally speaking, a tiny home has an approximate area of 46.4m2. Home builders differentiate between tiny and small homes by noting that a small home’s space is typically around 93m2.

Fox tiny home
Inside the fox tiny home


SAVES YOU MONEY – Although buying a tiny home comes with obvious up-front costs, after the initial investment owners save in several areas. The energy bills for a home that is less than 93m2 are significantly lower than for an average sized home. The budget for decorating is small by necessity and depending on where your tiny home sits, land costs can be small to non-existent.

ECO-FRIENDLY LIVING – Ecology and sustaining the planet played a big part in the trend towards small homes. Additionally, eco-friendly living is also an excellent way to save money. In many cases, going green is the best option for living in a tiny home. This is the reason many tiny houses contain re-purposed materials as a part of the design.

Nearly all of our customers request their homes come with solar panels. This is great for the environment and your wallet. An adequately outfitted tiny house can save abundant amounts of water and at the same time save money as well. A tiny home with a gravity shower, composting toilet, and proper water collecting tanks can save significant amounts of water, especially if using eco-safe soaps. Water collected from the sink and shower is frequently used to water vegetable gardens.


A SIMPLER LIFE – Many customers tell us that they yearned to escape what they saw as the constraints of urban or suburban life. Many had a feeling that they were a slave to the things they owned, and some customers felt as if they were working just to hang onto the clutter in their lives. A tiny home provides the option of living off of the grid, an idea that is wonderfully freeing to many people. Tiny homes come with small to-do lists, as maintenance and cleaning for a tiny house take less time and effort.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE – A life full of options and opportunities has a great appeal to those who own tiny homes. If your tiny house is easy to move, as most are, you have little holding you back from going your way on the road less travelled.

REFOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS – In a tiny home there is not much room for the unnecessary things in life. Our customers discovered that as they sifted through possessions to choose what mattered, they began to apply a similar principle to other areas in their lives. This does not mean that if you buy a tiny home, you will immediately quit your job, sell your possessions, and move far away from the familiar. However, owning a tiny home makes changes like those closer to reality.

Owning a fox tiny home

Customers tell us that owning a tiny home changed their lives for the better.

Although the economic advantages are part of this reasoning, many benefits are a result of a lifestyle change.

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