Here at Fox Tiny Homes, we get asked a multitude of questions about every aspect of the design and construction of our tiny homes.

We’ve addressed some of our most frequently asked questions below. If your question hasn’t been answered, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team and we’ll be happy to assist.


Are there rules that restrict where I can park my tiny home on wheels?

Western Australia considers your tiny home on wheels a caravan as opposed to a permanent structure. Bear in mind that laws often vary based on location, some areas do not permit camping for an extended period. Always check the ordinances as rules change from time to time.

Are there size regulations for towing a tiny home in WA?

Yes, the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989, which governs tiny homes on wheels, states that the upward limits are 2.5 metres in overall width and 4.3 metres in height.

Can I legally rent a parcel of land from someone willing to allow me to park my tiny home?

Many tiny homeowners believe this is the easiest way to find a place to park their home. We advocate checking the ordinances in your area and abiding by the regulations.

What are some things to look for in a parcel for my tiny home?

Aside from level ground and agreeable neighbours, you will likely want full sun, especially if you run on solar power. Additionally, you will need a source for drinking water, as well as a suitable location to dispose of grey water.

Can I get a better location in a tiny home community?

The short answer is maybe. Depending on how you define ‘better’ you may or may not prefer moving your tiny home into a community. There are definite plusses; you are safely parked legally and surrounded by other like-minded people. These communities typically make life easier as you likely will have access to utilities and dump stations. You also may not feel isolated with other tiny homeowners near you. However, if you enjoy isolation and want to be able to pack up and move on at a moment’s notice, a tiny home community may not be your best choice.

Is it true that tiny homes are more expensive than average sized homes?

This is a bit of a misstatement. If you are calculating the home’s price by how much it costs per square metre, then there are some tiny homes which do cost more by the square metre. However, this calculation does not account for the fact that when purchasing a tiny home, you are quite literally getting everything that you need to live a comfortable life as a part of the package. Many owners of average-sized homes cannot say the same thing. Additionally, because the dimensions are small, owners often customise with very high-end materials, because only a bit is required. So, a person who could not typically afford solid mahogany cabinets or a custom slate roof for an average size house may be quite willing to add these special touches to a tiny home. This ups the total cost, but also increases the value and the livability of the home.

Can tiny homes really be easily stolen?

There was a great deal of publicity surrounding the 2017 incident where a Canberra woman’s tiny home was stolen and towed all the way to Brisbane. However, this was an isolated incident, and the woman parked the tiny home near her business for marketing attention. There are ways to prevent your tiny home from riding off without you.

  • Use a wheel lock
  • Place large blocks around the wheels and disguise them with landscaping
  • Chain your home to a large permanent structure
  • Park your tiny home where the hitch is inaccessible such as against a wall
  • Purchase a GPS tracker and put it out of sight inside your tiny home

Is the trend of tiny homes over or will it be over soon?

Experts predict tiny home sales will continue to grow through the year 2022. Considering the housing crisis in Australia and other nations around the world, it seems that tiny homes will continue to answer a significant global need.

Do I need to be an environment-loving extremist to own a tiny home?

The idea that all people who own tiny homes are radical environmentalists is a huge misconception. There is no doubt that tiny homes are good for the environment; they use fewer resources. Many owners enjoy living a less cluttered life with lower costs and room for spontaneity.

Can I customise my tiny home?

Often customers want to know more about items we can customise and use in pre-designed homes. There are almost no limits to what is adjustable in one of our pre-designed homes. Some choices are included in the sticker price, while other items will cost more because they are upgraded versions of standard pieces.

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