Why the COVID-19 Pandemic is Driving People towards Tiny Homes

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world, resulting in a lot of turbulence that many people were not ready for. Even businesses have not prepared enough for the disasters it continues to cause. COVID-19 led to several conflicts and issues, including its negative impact on the world’s economy.

One way to try and control the spread of the virus is through social distancing. But when you live in a traditional home, it is not always easy to achieve. You may already see why potential home buyers are eyeing tiny homes.

Even before the pandemic, tiny houses have been getting bigger in terms of sales. However, the industry saw a sudden spike in the number of enquiries over the past few months. It seems like enthusiasts have spurted out of nowhere.

Fox Tiny Homes attest that more customers have asked questions and displayed an interest in owning a tiny home. It was quite surprising at the beginning. After all, real estate and property sales in the country are expected to keep diminishing until the end of the year despite lower prices. The good news is that tiny houses are not affected at all.

It does look like homeowners want a more practical living solution during the pandemic. Are you in doubt and unsure as to why you should go for a tiny home during the crisis? It’s understandable, especially because now does not exactly seem the best time to purchase a new home.

However, numerous people all over the country believe that tiny homes are an excellent way to practice social distancing, among other reasons. Plus, they are incredibly affordable compared to standard houses.

tiny home interior covid-19

Here are some great points that demonstrate the benefits of tiny homes during these trying times:

  • Tiny Homes Offer a Great Opportunity to Downsize

    Downsizing is not for the fainthearted. However, when done right, you can avoid several issues, including not being mentally and emotionally prepared enough. You will have fewer possessions and may not have an extra room for guests. The space restrictions alone can make you feel cramped.

    But all the mentioned disadvantages are easily trumped by the advantages. Maintenance is much easier, and utility bills are smaller.

    It is a common belief that downsizing only works for seniors and retirees. In reality, it is a smart choice for most people. How do you know if downsizing will benefit you? Here are some signs:

    • Your expenses keep going up each month.
    • You have little leftover cash from your budget.
    • Home maintenance is always delayed or even completely cancelled.
    • Your current house does not have features that meet your lifestyle.
    • Your job does not require you to stay in a specific location.

    The general idea here is to opt to live in a smaller house than you already have. Due to the pandemic, even those who live in an apartment are considering a tiny home over a bigger, more traditional house.

  • Homebuyers are Becoming More Financially Conscious

    Building a conventional home has plenty of benefits, including enjoying a spacious living room and bedrooms. But more and more people want an economical solution these days. With the pandemic wrecking businesses and jobs, it is high time for everyone to be a more conscientious spender. And a lot of Australians have recently discovered this realisation.

    The coronavirus has caused individuals to rethink how to spend their money. Instead of buying or building a regular-sized home, it is a wiser option to downsize with a premade or pre-designed tiny house. It is easy to fit the expenses into your budget, even with the coronavirus restrictions.

  • Tiny Homes are Perfect for Those Seeking Independence

    These houses create financial independence. On top of that, it is also quite liberating to live in a tiny home. We live in a stressful time, which is why it makes sense that Australians want safe and secure housing.

    If you live with your parents or are recently single, you may be searching for an option that you can afford. Tiny homes make it easier to achieve your dream of having your own home.

  • You Can Live Away from a Crowded Inner City

    The metropolitan areas are already filled with houses, renters, and travellers from other parts of the country or even the world. You may be among those persons who value their privacy. Perhaps you simply want to be away from the noise and the busy vibe of these cities.

    A tiny home presents an opportunity to be far from these areas. You can choose your location provided that you follow simple rules. You can stay near the woods, at a park, or beach – pretty much wherever you want. It is also beneficial because this pandemic requires social distancing. You do not have to worry about casual gatherings. Plus, you can take the time to meditate while you take in nature’s beauty.

  • A Tiny House is Ideal for Seniors

    When you are ready to retire, you want to have a minimalist lifestyle. Tiny homes offer just that – a small house with less maintenance than traditional dwellings. Instead of a retirement property, tiny houses are a better choice. You can either have a premade design or construct it on your own using DIY shells. This way, it’s easier to fit certain components that meet your requirements, such as wheelchair accessible bathrooms or low kitchen countertops.

    You can even benefit from how sustainable these homes are. For instance, it can be designed with ample natural light flowing in through the front doors. Or perhaps contain properly insulated walls and ceiling for lower energy consumption.

    tiny home interior downsize coronavirus

  • It is Suitable for a Work-from-Home Arrangement

    With the authorities stating Australians to stay at home, performing daily tasks has become a huge challenge. If you are used to going to the office almost every day, the pandemic may have changed your routine. But you cannot stay at home and forget about working. You still need a job to earn money.

    For those working from home, a tiny house can be converted into an actual workplace. If your job does not confine you to a certain location, these smaller dwellings work as well.

    It is versatile, too. You can turn the living space into your own gym, office, and cinema.

  • Benefits of Tiny Homes Echoed During the Pandemic

    Those already living in a tiny home can confirm that they have, in a way, prepared themselves for the pandemic. Even before the coronavirus shook the world, these tiny homeowners have been used to living less.

    Health experts suggest physical or social distancing while ensuring to stay hygienic. It means washing hands frequently and keeping all items sanitised. These recommendations are easy to achieve in a tiny home. From self-isolation to working from home to social distancing, tiny houses have indeed made it easier for Australians to live through the pandemic.

Are you interested in starting a simpler lifestyle? Contact us today and learn how Fox Tiny Homes can help build your future house.