Buying A Tiny Home

A tiny house lit up at night

Considerations When Buying A Tiny Home

So You Are Keen On The Idea?

The move towards tiny homes is a global phenomenon. It is also a move that requires a significant lifestyle change, for most people. After spending your time researching, pricing, and ruminating you believe a tiny home is in your future. What happens next?

Once you have chosen to purchase a tiny home, you will embark on an exciting journey that will lead you to your small dream home. Like most journeys, you will have many steps along the way.

Here is a breakdown of the path that leads to your tiny home: 

Decision 1:

The first detail all potential little homeowners need to make is whether or not you want to build your own house or if you prefer to hire a builder. The idea of creating your home with your own two hands sounds exciting to many people. However, unless you have the extensive know-how, access to plans, equipment, and building materials it is in your best interest to hire a professional.

Fox Tiny Homes has the experience and the know how to bring your dreams to life, and you won’t need to lift a single hammer. In 2009, Fox Tiny Homes’ parent company, Fox Transportables, began working to fill the need for practical and affordable temporary housing for seasonal workers in the agriculture industry. Since that time, Fox Transportables expanded its business to include manufacturing granny flats as well as tiny homes.

Deciding on things like if the house should be mobile or stationary, the floor plan, design aesthetics, and the inner workings of a tiny home fall into the decision one category. These are topics, we at Fox Tiny Homes, cover with our clients straightaway. 

Decision 2:

Where will I park the tiny home? A place to park your tiny house is a significant decision and one that needs careful planning, especially in light of the regulations governing the parking of tiny homes.

While local ordinances vary across Australia’s states, the vast majority of state and local governments see tiny homes the same way they see caravans. If your tiny house is on wheels, it falls under the Jurisdiction of The Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989. A caravan is welcome to park in a variety of locations. However, in most cases, parking is limited to short-term parking.

Decision 3:

How will I pay for the tiny home? Choices regarding financing your new home may seem like it should be the first question you need to answer. However, depending on your path of financing, lenders may want a clear picture detailing what you are purchasing and where you will keep the tiny home.

You have financing options which are similar to those of caravans and you guessed it, Fox Tiny Homes know who to speak to.

At Fox we look after our customers every step of the way and welcome as much or as little input as they wish.  Once you successfully make the big decisions regarding your tiny home, you can rely on Fox Tiny Homes to create the home of your dreams.