Tiny Homes Fully Installed From $55k Plus GST

Customisable tiny home installed without a trailer on your property. Without the home being mobile it makes the following processes easier:

  • Loan approval is more likely to happen
  • Legislation ruling in relation to transportable homes
  • Cheaper than the conventional tiny home concept
  • Quicker turn around time
  • More add-ons available for a fixed structure


Tiny House Building

Fox Tiny Homes manufacture the most robust, premium tiny homes in Australia. We won’t be beaten on quality and functionality on any part of the building process, and won’t rest until we achieve complete customer satisfaction. After all, we have been building the best granny flats and modular homes (through Fox Modular Homes) in Western Australia for over a decade now. Our history and expertise is unparalleled.

A custom Fox Tiny Home

Tiny House Design

We employ the best architects and drafters to design and render aesthetically beautiful and functional tiny house designs. We invite you to play an active role in the custom design of your individualised home. Have an idea in mind? We can customise your new home in almost any way imaginable. With a 1000 square foot Perth-based factory, the sky is literally the limit!

View from inside one of our mini houses

Tiny Home Shells

We wanted to bring something different to the market by designing and manufacturing tiny house shells with a trailer; ready for custom fit out. This is aimed at the enthusiastic DIYer – without the stresses of trying to build something that doesn’t fit within building and roadworthy guidelines. Our valued customers still have the satisfaction of creating their own custom home.

Our tiny houses have a full kitchen

The Global Tiny House Trend Hits Perth

After years of being advised to ‘think big’, home builders and home buyers all over the globe are seeing the value in thinking tiny. More specifically – the value and many benefits of small homes.

Living in tiny homes is a bona fide global trend that is taking Australia by storm. What began in the United States in the early 2000s as a response to financial concerns, as well as ecological responsibility, is poised for continued global growth. Market analysts project that the worldwide tiny home sector will see a substantial increase in the next decade.

Why is this?

Fox Tiny Homes Has The Credibility, Expertise and Experience

As with most trends, the popularity of tiny houses opened the door for a plethora of businesses to expand on their offerings and enter the market. However, not all Perth tiny house companies are the same.

Here at Fox Tiny Homes, we bring years of building experience to your project. Our parent company, Fox Transportables Pty Ltd, began in 2009 to meet Western Australia’s need to house seasonal workers. Since that time, our business expanded to include Fox Granny Flats; created to help Western Australian families augment their housing to include space for elderly parents or young adult children.

We also have strong relationships within the tiny house industry in Perth and across Australia. We feel that in order to help the industry blossom further, businesses must work together and consistently produce quality work that further increases the overall demand for this relatively new styling of living.


At Fox Tiny Homes, we can walk with you through the entire process of making your tiny home dream a reality. Although we are a strong and sizeable company, we are also a family owned business. We understand your concerns and can address your questions.


At Fox Tiny Homes, we can walk with you through the entire process of making your tiny home dream a reality. Although we are a strong and sizeable company, we are also a family owned business. We understand your concerns and can address your questions.

1. Consultation

Planning a major project like building a tiny home can seem daunting. This is why we are here to assist you through the entire process. We can explain various codes and requirements, and make sure everything is in good order (so that your tiny house is built quickly and with no red tape holding back the project).

2. Design

For many of our customers, designing and customising is a significant part of the fun in building their own tiny home. Our design team can turn your ideas and suggestions into reality. While we have fabulous styles of homes you can view, we are open to adjusting and rearranging the house so that it suits your needs.

3. Communication

In addition to the designing of your tiny home, we work with you to make sure that the décor is just the way you would like. We can adjust colours, types of wood, tiles, light fixtures, and nearly any other detail you would like to customise.

4. Power Requirements

Even though many customers choose tiny homes as a way to conserve natural resources, power is still a concern. With very few exceptions, our customers ask us to build their homes with solar panels to meet their power needs.

5. Temperature

Many customers express some concern about heating and cooling in their tiny house. You can rest assured that we have the personnel who can help you choose the best systems for your new, miniature home.

6. Plumbing

Plumbing is the topic that concerns the majority of our customers. Admittedly, this is a bit complex and is a perfect example of why you want your tiny home constructed by experienced professionals. We can provide the appropriate set up for you to live on or off the grid. Many of our customers like the convenience of both options. Our suppliers offer top of the line composting toilets, gravity showers, electric water pumps, and storage tanks for fresh water.

7. Trailer Guidelines

Because all of our tiny homes register as camp trailers, you have some latitude when it comes to where you will live. We build our tiny homes strong enough to be safe on the road with a proper trailer and towing vehicle. Many customers ask us to arrange delivery of their tiny house; this is often the most convenient way for all parties.



Architecturally designed, practical, affordable, and high quality. With a highly qualified team from Fox Transportables and Fox Granny Flats, we bring a combined 70 years of building knowledge to every Fox Tiny Home.

Our purpose built 9000 square metre production facility delivers quality homes which surpass our client’s expectations for many years to come.


  • Skilled craftspeople who oversee every detail of your project
  • Partnerships with the most trusted factory sources in the business
  • Extensive understanding of building codes and Australian laws about transportable dwellings
  • Our staff of professional employees who are well trained and supervised
  • The budget to make your dreams into reality without sacrificing quality or cutting corners
  • Access to the necessary resources and staff to complete your build on time
  • A talented design team who will work with you to bring your vision to life
  • Upon request, numerous references from customers detailing their experience with our company
  • We are fully insured


Just as buyers of large houses do not all want the same design, our customers looking at tiny homes have different requirements and preferences. Several crucial considerations need decisions before we begin your build.


You must decide just how small are you willing to go. To do this, we tell our customers that they should plan on having about 10m2 per adult residing in the tiny house. However, this is just a starting point. Consider your lifestyle. Do you have friends or relatives you would like to entertain in your home? Are you an animal lover? Are you a parent with grown children? All of these factors will test your definition of the term tiny.


We all have a threshold of comfort, even if we are not aware that it exists. Are you someone who would not mind climbing up and down a ladder to your bedroom loft each day? Will you be comfortable curled in the same space every evening or do you like to stretch out a bit? Do you have any hobbies, such as art or sports, that need space? To test your comfort threshold, we suggest that you rent a tiny home for a few days. An overnight stay is not long enough to get a sense of daily life in a tiny home.


Although no one likes to consider the possibility of a breach in their security, you need to be confident that you feel safe in your tiny home. Aside from burglars, inclement weather can become a problem for those living in tiny houses. We will build your home to the most stringent standards so you can feel confident you are safe in all weather.


Fox Tiny Homes strives to meet customers’ needs. To make sure we do this, we service all of Western Australia – from Broome down to Eucla. Additionally, we will be happy to do site visits within most parts of WA.

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